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On this Program you’ll learn a whole new way of thinking about alcohol to help you change your relationship with it for GOOD.

Weekly Classes – Delivered Online

  • Follow our weekly online classes to start living without alcohol – and love it.
  • With this regular support you can ditch any reliance on alcohol and the health risks, hangovers and performance destruction it brings.
  • Discover why right now is the best and easiest time in history there has ever been to become alcohol free.
  • As you absorb our step-by-step process, become forever detoxed, clear-headed, engrossed in other meaningful activities and on the path to being the best version of You!

Imagine This…

  • You wake up in the morning and realise you didn’t drink an entire bottle of wine the night before and you feel fantastic
  • You wake feeling ‘clean’ on the inside with no toxic fumes seeping up from your stomach and tasting awful
  • You no longer worry about people smelling alcohol on your breath
  • There is no pressure from anyone to cut down or stop drinking
  • Worrying about someone coming to the house after you’ve poured the bottle, and feeling guilty and shame at getting caught, is a thing of the past
  • Casting furtive sideways glances at who might spot you going to the bottle shop (again) isn’t something you have to face anymore
  • Spending the money that would have been spent on alcohol on delicious food, or movie tickets with friends and loved ones feels so good
  • You wake up on Saturday Morning, and realise that you didn’t even think about drinking on Friday night, you didn’t want to drink, you didn’t miss out on anything – and Saturday morning feels fantastic! (and you do it again Sunday morning!)
  • You take the kids to weekend sports without a headache or hangover
  • It’s possible to instantly agree to collecting your children from an activity in the evening – because you will be okay to drive
  • Never again be worried about losing your driver’s license, or have that awful sinking feeling whenever you drive past a police car, or a breath testing unit
  • And thinking about children, you feel relieved that you did not demonstrate to your beloved and precious children that drinking is something everyone does and it’s okay to do. Because you miraculously got safely through your 20s with no fatal car accidents claiming your life, or that of your friends’, is no guarantee your children will be so lucky if they took the path you took back then
  • You have that tremendous sense of satisfaction and fulfilment from knowing you are giving your family and kids the time, energy and attention they truly deserve, instead of sharing your time with alcohol, which gives you nothing, but has the potential to rob you – and them – of everything

All of the Above Can Become Your Reality
All You Have to Do is Choose It

A treasured life changed for the better:

“After some traumatic events in my life, I am currently in remission from Stage 4 melanoma, and my time with my children is more precious to me than anything. I’ve been given a second chance at my life and I do not want to share it with alcohol.

And after hearing Tony & Sonya’s information, I really do not want to drink at all. It actually turns off your need to drink alcohol. It is up to you to have a bigger goal in life, but their way of thinking really changes your attitude to drinking. Instead of seeing it as something you really want but feel guilty about, they help you to say no! I recommend this program to anyone worried about their drinking.

The information is so easy to follow, and helped me understand why we accept alcohol in our lives and get so hooked on it. They promised me that they could help me to stop drinking, and to stay stopped.

I sure did, and so far, it has been the best thing I have ever done. I do not feel the need to drink anymore. My time with my children has been so much better in terms of quality time. I have no brain fog, I am less tired and sleepy, and I feel that when I am with my family, I am truly with them. No more lies and excuses, and I feel much more energised and healthier and happier.

After following the program, I don’t know how anyone can feel good about drinking, or why they would want to keep using this poisonous drink. We have all been brainwashed.

I searched everywhere for help online, and I want to thank Tony and Sonya for the information they have made available in the program, and for showing me that quitting was actually easier than just cutting back.”

Beverley Jean


…a case for me celebrate the present…

Hi Sonya.

As a once in a while binge drinker (which I’ve managed to stop,it was getting to the stage I was doing it once a week) I found your classes really helpful and thank you for allowing me access to them again in the future should the need araise.

For me THE stand out point was your lesson on the role of DOPAMINE with this addiction, I cannot stress enough when you told me the more you drink,your dopamine levels drop, the brain cries out for more booze in order to restore those Dopamine levels,and off course that doesn´t work because it´s like having a tap on in the sink but you don´t have a plug .As soon as I learnt from you guys Alcoholism can be about a Chemical imbalance in the brain the easier it was for me to address my problem.

If I may share something I used to say to people who questioned me initially when I wasn´t drinking which took all the social pressure off me you may want to consider using it yourselves in the future ? I hope you do because it REALLY worked for me.

A person says to you ´Not drinking today Martin’

My reply would be ‘ Would you drive a car if you knew the brakes don´t work?’

They reply ‘ off course not ‘

I then said/say `Well sometimes when I drink I don´t have any breaks at all`

It worked every time for me, and the odd thing is, nobody asked me a further question, and all the social pressure was off. try it yourselves it really worked for me.

Thank you for your help this past 6 months you´ve made my life a whole lot better as a result.

Martin Sayer

Murcia, Spain

Your initial charge will be just $USD1. You will then be
charged $USD49 per month for the next 11 months.
You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Your initial charge will be just $USD1. You will then be
charged $USD49 per month for the next 11 months.
You can unsubscribe at any time.
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